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Leyssens & co, dept. Leybel Classics is official dealer of:

New! The Belley Knob : our own handcrafted Porsche 917 style outlaw shift knobs. Each Porsche 917 style outlaw shift knob is one of a kind, handcrafted by a true petrolhead and skater for life. The knobs are custom made from used skateboards, so there is only one of each. It fits early (915 gearbox) Porsche 911's. The diameter is +- 50mm. It slides on a 15mm shiftstick. All our available Belley knobs are sold exclusively on the Stock Leyssens & Co webshop. New Belley Knobs are created regularely!
The best careproducts for your car, used on the vehicles of the Royal households of HM The Queen and HRH Prince of Wales. You can find Autoglym on the Stock Leyssens & Co webshop.
With the Classic Oil product line Kroon-Oil offers a complete range of lubricating oils that have been developed especcially for classic vehicles.
CRC has earned its reputation as “The Brake Experts”. Brakleen® was the very first product of its kind, and for 40 years, thousands of technicians and DIYers have relied on Brakleen® and CRC products for fast and effective service solutions.
Unior, the european hand tools producer, is a synonym for reliable, high-quality, and functionally designed hand toolsaround the world. Due to its traditional quality, the Unior trademark is popular with both professional and amateur craftsmen.
Facom liquids for the automotive sector (silicone grease, degrease products for mechanics...)